Interpreting Art Deco

The ebok on Art Deco Cards with help you to start reading Gypsy Card. It will also help to understand, how the different position in the spread will effect the cad's meaning.  For example First position being when the card is far from the significator card and it is positive, the Second position is medium, when a positive card is far from the significator card but a negative card is next to it, and so on..
Reading Art Deco.
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Art Deco Set.

Interpreting Gypsy Card.

All the books offered by is meant for you, who would like to start, how to read taro cards. Each book explains the card's image, meaning and reverse meaning. There are many technical words in Gypsy Card Reading, for instance, image symbolism. What is it? Each image contain a story, just like a painting does. The artist is trying to tell something, communicating some type of emotion, or a story which should be known by a wider audience For instance, in Gypsy Cards you find the card of Sadness portrayed different ways, depends which card you chose. But on most images you will find a young girl , sitting near the window, or at the verandah often surrounded by beautiful landscape, yet she doesn't take notice of this beauty, because she is deep within her sadness. What could of cause this? Harsh words? A lover? Someone who left her? We don't know exactly what happened. All we see is the girl, who is sad for some unknown reason.You wouldn't be wrong to conclude that sadness is a state which is a negative emotion, however, if you learn more about what it means you realise it is a state that it might benefit you in the long run. Sadness is a positive emotion, as it can help you treasure the good you haven't. It can make you more tender toward others. It can make you more empathetic and compassionate. It can connect us to others because sadness is  teaching us to be more understanding. It can incline you to give support to others. It can fill us with appreciation. Sadness is a normal response to a wound that's ultimately destined to heal. This is what called 'image symbolism' in Gypsy Card Reading.

Each Gypsy card explained in four position
Fortune Telling with Gypsy Cards, PDF and FlpPage Ebook Fortune Telling with Gypsy Cards, PDF and FlpPage Ebook
Each Gypsy card explained in four position, depends how close to a positive or negative card and how close or far to the significator card.

- First position being when the card is far from the inquirer's card and it is positive.

- Second position is medium, when the positive card is far from the inquirer but a negative card is next to it.

- Third position is when the positive card is far from the inquirer but it is close to 2 negative cards. Read more >>

Four Position Reading.

Reading Gypsy Cards.

With the Art Deco Tarot Ebook, you are able to tell fortune for yourself, because the ebook can also be used as a guide for spiritual or self-development. How to develop habits which will lead you to success instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over. You will not fall into the trap of being biased, because with any of the books we offer you will learn the one-ness of all life forms and the universe. It is the Universe which guide you in your tarot journey, to discover your true self and your true destination.. Read more >>

What is the Purpose of Tarot.

Tarot meant to find your true self, to find the right path to liberation from illusions. You're able to achieve that by exploring your past, and how it relates to the present situation you are in now. Once you realise the reason what is blocking you, you are able to do something in the present moment to create a better future today. Therefore, tarot or Gypsy Card is a tool for healing, teaching you how to reach a better future in your voyage of life.  Read more >>

The easiest way to explain the element's meaning is with Rider, to be exact with the card of Magician. Front of him on the table there are four items, Pentacles, Sword, a Cup and a Wand. These representing the cards, Pentacles are Diamonds and they portray Earthy things, matter. Sword is called Spades and it is the element of Air. Cup is Heart in playing card and it is the element of Water. The last one is the Wand, called Club and it is a representation of Fire. Each elements contain both positive and negative meanings.

What is the purpose of the elements...

Fortune Telling with Art Deco Cards, PDF and FlpPage Ebook Fortune Telling with Art Deco Cards, PDF and FlpPage Ebook

- The Art Deco Tarot Reading is a Pdf and Flip-Page ebook, 136 pages, and 8.50 MB in pdf and 20.3 MB page-flip publication. Please note, the page numbers and download size is subject to change, as we continuously updating the book. You will receive it in both format as a download. You will receive the ebook as a download within 2-3 working days in your email. Please check your junk email folder.


ART DECO fortune telling cards by Piatnik, New Italian Regional 52 cards. The cards have beautiful Art Deco images that look to be out of the 1930's with descriptor words in 5 languages including English.  Each card have a caption in 5 languages.Card size: 58 x 89 mm 52 cards + 3 additional cards (including 2 with explanatory text in German). The Art Deco fortune telling card is an expansion of the Viennese Biedermeier and "Gypsy" Cartomancy sets to a full complement of 52 cards.

Details of Art Deco Set.

Foreign Woman:


A deadly woman, using charm as a weapon to achieve her desires.

Reverse Meaning:

The sign of this card refers to an outstanding personality. Representing a confident, and charming woman, who is a serious rival of the Sweetheart.



The card symbolises pure heart, pure thinking and innocence, restraint from lust, the unification of spirit, mind and body, trinity.

Reverse Meaning:

Missing chastity, purity and innocence. It can also imply to business or choosing a partner..



The Widow reveals that “change is stability” an advise to engage in the flow of life, accepting changes rather than always trying to control events.

Reverse Meaning:

In a negative aspect, the Widow could stand for passivity at the wrong time, leading to weakness and a fear of life.

Art Deco Card, Piatnik 1946 Art Deco Card, Piatnik 1946
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