Gypsy 36 Card by KVIZ, No# 2489.

Hungarian Gypsy Card.

Reading Gypsy Card.


The card of safety, togetherness, vital trust and the card of loyalty, peace, friendship, good will, kindness, harmony, close mental union, on same mental wavelength, and active interest in others. This is love without clinging. It signifies friendship, "a strong wish for the happiness of others" and also less obvious or direct qualities such as showing patience, receptivity.

Gypsy Card.

Gypsy Cards.

Tarot consist of the two groups of cards in a tarot pack: the twenty-two trumps (the major arcana ) and the fifty-six suit card. Trump again can be traced back to Sanskrit language, 'trmp' means dialogue with the universe. Major arcana are pictures that represent life, stages and experiences we all go through. It's meant to be the story of one's journey through life. Minor arcana cards describes the people, events, feelings and circumstances we encounter on our personal Journey. It represents events that are within the control of the individual and indicate how you do something.
So far this covers the basic difference between Gypsy Card and Tarot Cards. However, Gypsy Cards although it is mostly unknown also contain major and minor arcanas and it has to be in sequence as it would be numbered. For example the number 1 card is the card of Sweetheart, followed by the card of Lover. They are considered as major arcana's as it is explaining stages of creation. Whilst minor arcana is anger, jealousy, desire, hope, etc. These are events within your control.
Therefore the two cards are not so different after all. Personally I prefer the Gypsy Cards, because there are less images to memorize. I find it very convenient to have less cards to spread, yet each card holds meanings that makes up the 78 card reading, if you learn in depth what each card convey. But first, you have to learn the basics, so we offer books, which will help you to start reading Gypsy Cards.

Each Gypsy card explained in four position
Fortune Telling with Gypsy, PDF and FlpPage Ebook Fortune Telling with Gypsy, PDF and FlpPage Ebook
Each Gypsy card explained in four position, depends how close to a positive or negative card and how close or far to the significator card.

- First position being when the card is far from the inquirer's card and it is positive.

- Second position is medium, when the positive card is far from the inquirer but a negative card is next to it.

- Third position is when the positive card is far from the inquirer but it is close to 2 negative cards. Read more >>

Four Position Reading.

Reading Gypsy Cards.

With the tarot books available, you are able to tell fortune for yourself, because the book can also be used as a guide for spiritual or self-development. How to develop habits which will lead you to success instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over. You will not fall into the trap of being biased, because with any of the books we offer you will learn the one-ness of all life forms and the universe. It is the Universe which guide you in your tarot journey, to discover your true self and your true destination.. Read more >>

What is the Purpose of Tarot.

Tarot meant to be to find your true self, to find the right path to liberation from illusions. You're able to achieve that by exploring your past, and how it relates to the present situation you are in now. Once you discovered the past, you are able to do something in the present moment to create a better future today. Therefore, tarot or Gypsy Card is a tool for healing, teaching you how to reach a better future in your voyage of life.  Read more >>

The easiest way to explain the element's meaning is with Rider, to be exact with the card of Magician. Front of him on the table there are four items, Pentacles, Sword, a Cup and a Wand. These representing the cards, Pentacles are Diamonds and they portray Earthy things, matter. Sword is called Spades and it is the element of Air. Cup is Heart in playing card and it is the element of Water. The last one is the Wand, called Club and it is a representation of Fire. Each elements contain both positive and negative meanings.

What is the purpose of the elements...

Details of Gypsy Card.

Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck or cartomancy deck  #2489.  These 36 beautifully illustrated Gypsy cards have wonderful images and description in 6 languages including English. The cards are made in Hungary. Also a little white booklet with layouts and explanations is included. This elegant Gypsy tarot deck is illustrated with classic fortune telling scenes from the 19th Century. Published by Kviz. The boxed deck includes 36 full color cards and a small instruction booklet in English, German, French and Hungarian.

This Gypsy card is almost identical to the Hungarian, also known as Zigeuner Card, with a few minor differences. For instance the Gypsy tarot is a bit larger then the Hungarian Gypsy Card. The images however almost identical, but the Gypsy card's image is a bit more detailed.

This Gypsy tarot card is a way to gain deeper understanding about yourself, where you come from and what direction to chose in your life journey to help you create a better future.

Gypsy 36 Card by KVIZ, No# 2489. Gypsy 36 Card by KVIZ, No# 2489.
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